Clinica Medentis

Clinica Stomatologica Romania

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dental medicine that deals with the appearance of the teeth and the visual improvement of your smile. Dental aesthetic, by its procedures, like dental crowns, inlays, dental facing, implants and professional whitening, proposes to you the restauration and improving the visual aspect of your teeth and giving you back an unforgettable smile!


Professional dental whitening

At Medentis Dental Clinique we use the whitening Accelerator technique and the laser whitening technique. Unlike other classical techniques, the activation of the whitening gel is made by a blue light source, very intense, that has an advanced filtering system that assures full comfort and a low degree for operations, fact that diminishes the risk of teeth sensibility. You will get guaranteed results for a uniform whitening, superior to any other whitening system!