Dr. Alexandra Lupu is dentist specialized in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Starting from 2018 is PhD and associated teacher for  Iuliu Hatieganu Medicine and Farmacy Cluj Napoca. Wanting to complete her professional knowledge, dr. Lupu participated at numerous courses and congresses:

– Invisalign Training Certification Course

– Fifth International WIN User Meeting

– WIN Certification Course –lingual technique

– 2nd Congress of the Balkanic Association of Orthodontic Specialists

– 9th Congress of the Romanian Association for Excellence in Orthodontics

– Stripping in Orthodontics

– Miniimplants in Orthodontics

–  The 8th F.O.C. course by Dr. Roland Männchen

– Step by Step by CRD –Digital Radiology Center

– 8th International Congress of Orthodontics

– Using and Bending Orthodontic Wires

– A training course of the MRC appliance program (myofunctional appliances)​ – Certificat MRC Europe

– Current Standards in pedodontics treatments and inhalation sedation

– International Symposium Napoca Biodent